Heavy Duty Foundationless Floor Mounted Jib Crane 1 Ton


Please note that cranes with a 16′ Span require a 54″ Diameter Template


Foundationless Heavy Duty Jib Cranes are the largest capacity Jib Crane that does not require a pre-poured foundation. It can be bolted to an existing concrete surface and are great in open areas where they can serve several work stations. Durable and long lasting, these overhead floor cranes feature a 360° rotating, rolled steel I-beam section with tapered flange for smooth trolley travel and removable safety end stops to ensure a limit to trolley travel.

Installation Requirements: Existing concrete must be a minimum of 6″ thick reinforced with a minimum 3,000 psi (5 bag mix), soil pressure must support 2,500 psi . Foundation size around base plate must be free of cracks, seams, joints, walls, delamination and must appear in good condition.

Span Foundation Size Required (sq. ft.)
10′ or less 10′ x 10′
10′ to 12′ 11′ x 11′
14′ to 16′ 12′ x 12′

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