Light Duty Foundationless Floor Mounted Articulating Jib Crane ⅛ Ton


Choose 28D8 for 16′ Span Cranes

Choose AB-FL5 for 16′ Span Cranes


Articulating Foundationless Light Duty Jib Cranes feature a FULL 360 DEGREE ROTATION with the option of rotation stops to allow coverage of specific areas. Its knuckle boom with hoist eye gives operator the ability to reach around corners and inside machines with covers. The Articulating Foundationless is one of our most versatile jib cranes. Machining and assembly operations, outdoor use such as loading docks, and in conjunction with other jib cranes to provide staged coverage are just a few applications for this Articulating Foundationless Jib Crane. We also offer the option to substitute the anchored base for a portable base therefore allowing your crane to be moved anywhere throughout your facility using a forklift. Installation Requirements: Existing concrete must be a minimum of 6” think reinforced with a minimum 3,000 psi (5 bag mix), soil pressure must support 2,500 psi. Concrete in and around the area, 6’ x 6’ square, of the base plate must be free of cracks, seams, joints, walls, delamination and must appear in good condition.

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26”, 28”